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January: Time to Reset

Ah, a new year; a new set of goals. Last year I modeled my resolutions after the book The Happiness Project, with a different focus each month. I managed to start and end the year on track in this way. But, just like a jelly donut, the middle got a little gooey.

Here we are on January 7, 2016. My husband and I spent several days in December emptying out one of the spare bedrooms – that had essentially functioned as a storage closet – and turned it into the guest room. We also turned what had previously been the semi-functional guest room into the start of a nursery for our soon-arriving bundle of joy. All of that has produced a rather large mound of “where do we store this” stuff in our living room. Also, our Christmas tree and decorations are still up. Yeah, we’re those people. Basically, my house looks like a pair of crackhead hookers ransacked it and then squatted for a month. Add to that that I’m a couple days away from opening a show and am exhausted – more than the normal pregnancy exhausted. The only thing I want to do is sleep. I haven’t been grocery shopping in a month, and with the way things are going, our baby is going to be made of BigMacs and Topo Chico.

So this month is all about resetting my life and getting back to a place of calm and order. That’s no small task. My goals include:
  • Getting the holiday decorations safely stowed away stat.
  • Finding a place for all the stuff living in piles in our living space.
  • Cleaning out the fridge (you know, actually taking everything out and cleaning the fridge) and then starting over with a trip to the grocery store.
  • Wrapping up financial stuff from 2015. (This is a big one and I dread it!)
  • Prepping for the classes I teach which begin in a couple of weeks.
  • Meditating regularly.

Whatever your goals are for January, may you be successful at them!

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