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Week 14: The Texas State Fair

My husband loves the state fair. I don’t mean likes it or likes going each year. I mean he loves it and we get season passes each year. We never go as many times as we plan to over the 24 days, but we do go several times. And, each year for the past three years I’ve sworn the next year I’d enter the Glue-a-Shoe contest that happens on the first day. Well, this was the year.

Every year, the creations with puns win. So, given all of the politics in the media, I’d landed on creating a version of Donald Trump. My first idea was awful.

My second was much better.



But it just wasn’t good enough stacked up to some of the others.


People take this contest very seriously at the fair. Yes, there is a panel of judges.


Alas, I did not win. The winners clearly spent more time than I did (I completed my entry the afternoon before with the help of Dos Equis.) Now I know that next year I need to start ahead of time and create an entire sculpture rather than just a display. Nevertheless, it was fun!

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