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Reflection on a Month of Aiming Higher

I’m not even sure how to start this blog post and if it weren’t for the fact I promised to hold myself accountable each month, I would probably skip it. So, March was focused on my professional life – especially the nonprofit youth theater company I’m launching. Here’s a quick summary of the month:

  • I was hired as an adjudicator for two days at the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest Fine Arts Festival in Fort Worth
  • I went on nine meetings – with artists, potential funders, and other stakeholders
  • I filed the 501c3 paperwork so that Cry Havoc can accept donations
  • I put together and taught several teen workshops held at one of the local libraries
  • I read two plays and one novel, and am now working with a local playwright on a piece inspired by that novel (The Outsiders)
  • I have begun asking for help (a huge accomplishment for me)
  • I also survived one more snow day (March 5th) and my in-laws coming to visit us for the first time at our new home

There are a several things I intended to do that didn’t happen. I didn’t submit my CV for additional adjunct work or get an accounting system set up or apply to the two funding opportunities that exist for Cry Havoc right now. And much to the chagrin of a few people, I’m not ready to announce anything for the theater company this summer. But the delay in most of this comes down to space. Someday soon I’ll write an entire post about the dearth of available, affordable space for theater artists in Dallas to use. When you add minors to the mix, the space question gets unbelievably and stupidly complicated (who is responsible if Johnny decides to break a chair?). One must really have a generous patron willing to donate already outfitted space or space that is easily transformed. And, to use the words of one particularly nasty fellow from one of the Dallas owned buildings, from his perspective there is “difficulty in justifying making a pro bono contribution of use of a tax-payer funded building to a new, unproven entity. What other groups would expect similar treatment in the name of fairness?” I didn’t point out that I and my husband are two of those tax payers.

Last week as I was driving to Corsicana to see a friend’s one act play in UIL competition, I called Brett almost in tears asking for a pep talk. The space challenge is a serious one and all the eager beavers who are concerned about their plans for the summer are breathing down my neck (as if I’m sitting at home twiddling my thumbs). Being the good husband he is, he pointed out that in four months I’ve filed a nonprofit, worked with a branding firm, met with countless people, built a website, and am working with a playwright on a new piece. I guess that made me feel marginally better. And so, I trudge on. Since each month’s goal in 2015 is cumulative, I’ll continue working on the space thing this month, and, in fact, by April 10th will have gone on nine meetings about it in ten days. More to come soon.

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